Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Self Care

    • Even your kids benefit from you taking time for yourself

  • 3

    Body and Environment Scan

    • Body and Environment scan

    • Body Scan Example

  • 4

    Yes House

    • It’s the best house

  • 5

    Decoding our children

    • Whats behind their behavior?

  • 6

    Developmental info

    • Growth spurts, worrys, and sleep

  • 7


    • Benefits of sharing them & how to do so

  • 8


    • Can kids self-regulate? How can I help?

  • 9

    Teachable moments

    • Time to spill the tea

  • 10


    • The most powerful tool in any caregivers pocket

  • 11

    Positive Responses

    • Everything you need summed up in one place

  • 12

    Final affirmations

    • Great job!

Don't wait on this one

When we feel 'fed up' with the behaviors of our children, we often react and unload our anger and frustrations onto them. This leaves us feeling guilty and miss teachable moments for our children. It is time to learn the best strategies for transforming reactions to responses. It is the must-have course to shift the dynamic within your home.

  • stats

    100% of parents who took this workshop reported being more likely to respond to their children in a way that best supports their social and emotional growth!

  • Testimonials

    "I enjoyed being able to learn stressors and overstimulators within my environment". "I love the idea of offering a body scan to my kids". "I have a better understanding of my kids behaviors now"

  • Miracle question

    If you woke up tomorrow and your biggest parenting struggle was gone, what would that be like for you? For your children? How would your day be different and better? This course is the ultimate game changer for every household and will help you along the path to reaching your goal. It is 100% possible to be the caregiver that you strive to be with a strong relationship with you.

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